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Baby Food Diet

Like most new moms, I have a few pounds to lose. I didn’t gain an inappropriate amount of weight when I was pregnant, and honestly, a few months after M was born I was feeling pretty good about my new mom body. I was going to stroller fit twice a week and eating well to fuel the small amount of milk I was able to produce for my son.

Then I stopped breast feeding. And I put on more pounds then I did when I was pregnant.

I know exactly what was to blame.

  1. Being able to drink alcohol again after 12+ months. Perhaps a little too much alcohol during our summer vacations… and July was pretty much an extended vacation for me with no job to go back to.
  2. Bad habits developed when pregnant and breast feeding. I lost a ton of weight pre-diagnosis so I gave myself a licence to put the pounds back on. Because of my restricted diet I allowed myself a splurge or two, because I could. But that continued when it shouldn’t. I no longer have an excuse to eat what I want (I’m not talking a cookie or two, I’m talking eating an entire container of gluten-free cookies and a bag of chips one night when I was pregnant… ok, maybe more then once). I’m not fuelling another human being anymore. Just myself. And I need to make better choices.

So, I’m going on a diet. What I’m calling, the Baby Food Diet.


My baby eats healthier than me? Green beans, sweet potatoes and zucchini.

Wait. I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not going to follow the ridiculous
celebrity diet craze and eat pureed baby food.

My son is eating solid foods now. And more then anything, he wants what you’re having. And I’ve caught myself, holding M in one arm, the other arm deep in a bag of potato chips (my number 1 pregnancy weakness and
hard to break habit), and saying to my son, “No baboo, chips aren’t for babies. They aren’t good for you.”

And it hit me. If it’s not good for my son, it’s not good for me. So that’s my new diet strategy. WWME. What Would M Eat?


Veggie scramble with all the veggies I could find in my fridge. A slice of Kinnikinnick multigrain bread on the side.

I’m busy prepping homemade baby food. I’m choosing healthy new foods for my boy to expand his palette. We’re doing a mix of purees and baby led weaning so I make purees and small easy to chew chunks that he can feed himself. He gets distracted easily so this dual method works to keep him entertained and get in the calories my low weight, reflux baby needs. And I am again looking at his food and thinking, “My son eats better than me.”

So I’m making changes. I’m cutting back on the amount of wine I drink – empty calories. I’m back to prepping veggies for easy to grab lunches and snacks. I’m adding as many chopped veggies to my breakfast scrambles as I can find in my fridge. And I’m adding in some exercise every day, even if it’s only the 7-minute workout from the app I downloaded. How can I possibly say to myself that I don’t have 7 minutes? I can make 7 minutes.

I need to do this. Not just for my waist line, but to keep up with my growing, moving, standing and soon to be walking, boy. I want to be a good example, in my eating, activity and attitude.



Exposing Baby to Gluten

I blinked and 5.5 months have gone by since my son was born. Ok. That’s a bit of a lie, because I barely have the time to blink these days. Which is why as much as I’ve been wanting to write, I have had other priorities getting in the way.

Priority #1

Priority #1

My little man is 5.5 months old already, and in that time we’ve had our ups and downs. He’s mighty cute, but he’s mighty disgusting. We’ve had challenges with feeding from the beginning (long story) and one of the major issues is a severe case of the spit ups. He’s on medication that seems to be helping and, as the doctor instructed, we started solids just before 5 months old. So far he has had rice cereal, avocado, banana, carrots, chicken, apple sauce, and sweet potato. He isn’t a huge fan of the texture of the chicken, but if I mix it with something that he likes then he eats it up.

This picture is a little deceiving. I did give him a cooked carrot stick but he kept choking on it so I pureed it instead. I don't know enough about Baby Led Weaning or infant CPR to go there right now.

This picture is a little deceiving. I did give him a cooked carrot stick but he kept choking on it so I pureed it instead. I don’t know enough about Baby Led Weaning or infant CPR to go there right now.

I’ve been excited to find more and more gluten free baby products, including some with the Canadian Celiac Association seal of approval. I’ve been really nervous about introducing gluten to my baby. I’ve researched it and debated it since I found out I was pregnant. Being a genetic disease he of course has the chance of having celiac disease, or at least the gene for it. There is no evidence that shows keeping him away from gluten will prevent him from getting celiac disease. There is no evidence that introducing it at certain times over others will help either. In the end, I feel like I need to feed my son gluten so that if he DOES end up with celiac disease, we’ll actually be able to test for it and know what we’re dealing with. Why prevent him from living a normal life unless I know I need to?

So I guess my anxiety is a bit selfish. I’m nervous about bringing gluten into my mostly gluten-free home. I’m nervous about the risk of cross contamination from my sons sticky hands and face. The face I can’t stop kissing. The hands that smear across my face and shove their way into my mouth from time to time.

I bought a box of oat cereal. First ingredient “oats (wheat)”…. the dreaded WHEAT. It was against my instincts to buy something with that ingredient. I also know how much the dry rice cereal flies everywhere, so I can’t imagine the oat cereal is going to be less messy.

I haven’t opened the box. I’m scared.