Cooking Class

Last Thursday my friend Cara, a fellow new celiac diagnosed last summer, invited me to a gluten-free cooking class at a local food store and restaurant, Umami. I was excited to learn some new things about gluten-free cooking.

Although I didn’t really learn anything new about gluten-free cooking or living a celiac life, we did learn a few new Korean recipes, which are mostly naturally gluten-free. Luckily Cara and I were the only students that day so we got to help (well, I helped – Cara is a stay at home mom and cooks frequently enough that she was willing to let me hog all the fun). We made a Korean stir fry with sweet potato vermicelli noodles. The noodles were AMAZING – such a great texture. I’m going to buy those right away.

korean stir fry

We also made sushi, with a mix of white and black rice which left it purple. I helped roll the sushi, but I’d be lying if I said I made it look this good. We did the prep work but the chef put on all the finishing touches and served it up to us. It was a fun experience.


And finally, we finished off with hand made coconut ice cream that we made at the beginning and the chef fancied up with the fruit etc.

coconut icecream

Unfortunately the first time she served it to us there was a big cookie on top. Excited, but confused, I exclaimed, “A cookie?! Is that really gluten-free?”

Oh? Um? Let me see?

She had to make it again for us. Which she did willingly, but also made us both question why she was teaching us a “gluten-free cooking” class when she didn’t seem to know a lot about gluten-free cooking. She had never heard of celiac disease when we told her about it at the beginning. She said she checked the package on the artificial crab meat, but then I was less confident. And yes, we used gluten-free soy sauce.

In the end we didn’t end up getting sick, and we did enjoy a fabulous meal, but I was again left wanting in the “new information about gluten-free eating” category. I’ve been to 2 dieticians, a cooking class, and my doctor and have still learned more from the internet and am left feeling the need to learn more. I have signed up for the National Celiac Conference at the end of May, so I look forward to actually learning something there and meeting some more fellow celiacs.


2 responses to “Cooking Class

  1. The food looks delicious, and I’m glad you didn’t get sick! On another note, there are dietitians who specialize in Celiac Disease (in the U.S. at least). I didn’t go to one, just one who was knowledgable about Celiac. However, I must say one of the best experiences I’ve had so far was at a celiac conference. I went for the first time last weekend (just over a year after being diagnosed). There was not only information on current research, but a few sessions on cooking and one with three dietitians who gave you tips on “Staying on Top of it all,” plus all the other celiacs! Now, I probably won’t have the opportunity to go to one for another year (especially one in my own backyard). But if there is a celiac conference, or a gluten free/allergy free event nearby I recommend checking it out. It’s like the gluten free blogs of the internet in person! Looking forward to following you, and good luck on your new celiac life 🙂

    • Thanks Kaila. Not sure how I missed your comment until now, sorry for the delay in responding. I haven’t been able to find a celiac specific dietician in my community, but I think I need to look harder and farther away. I am excited to attend the Canadian Celiac Association conference at the end of May – there are lots of great speakers and I look forward to meeting other celiacs. I’ve found they know the most by living it day by day. And yes, bloggers have been so wonderful so far. I’m finding a great support system online, but it will be nice to meet people in person too. I feel lucky to have a friend in town who is going through the same things as I am but we need some experts too. 😉 thanks again for your comment. I’m really enjoying your blog too.

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