Rediscovering the Pharmacy

And I thought eating out was frustrating as a new celiac!

All of a sudden I am not sure if things I have been taking for years are safe or not. Ibuprofen? Vitamins? Cold medication? My doctor recommended taking my medications and vitamins to the pharmacist to ensure they were gluten-free.

The first pharmacy I went to was VERY helpful. They took a list of everything I brought in and within a few days they called me back to tell me what was safe and what was not. Some were from another pharmacy so I was directed there to confirm their products. They were a little less helpful.

As I stood in the aisle of the pharmacy trying to read the labels I noticed a few brands with ‘gluten free’ statements but another just said ‘wheat free’ – not quite good enough. So I took a few things up to the pharmacist thinking she’d be as helpful as the first, but she basically glanced at the label and said, “Ya, I wouldn’t take that one.” But didn’t really offer any advice on others to talk. Frustrated, I returned to the aisle armed with my iphone and began searching brands until I found one with a gluten-free statement on their official, Canadian, website.

I know I will learn in time what is safe and this will become less frustrating, but I can’t imagine how awful it will be if I am sick and standing in the aisle looking for cold medicine and have no way of knowing for sure if it is safe to take.

Am I being over-dramatic? Do you have any advice on how to know what’s safe? Any go to brands/products?


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