Goodbye Sushi Favorites

I thought sushi was a safe gluten-free dining choice and have eaten it… 3 or 4 times since being diagnosed with celiac disease. But I was a bit suspicious of a few of my favourites – like those containing eel, extra sauces and spicy mayo. So I decided to look it up.

😦 I knew about the soy sauce and the teriyaki. Tempura was obvious… But I’m sad to read about the eel (I suspected there was some type of sauce but was in denial I guess), and spicy tuna is was my favorite. I have definitely been accidentally eating gluten. Surprisingly I didn’t react that badly – or at least if I did I blamed it on something else thinking the sushi was safe. I remember feeling really full and bloated but just blamed that on the rice. Then again I have been so frustrated with how slow I’m healing so this might explain the set back.

Probably should have looked this up a whole lot sooner.


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