The unfortunate thing with experimenting with food is the consequences can be unpleasant when the experiment fails. I’m still learning how to eat gluten-free and live as a celiac. Even though I already wrote a post about the learning curve and how important it is to read labels… well, I guess I didn’t follow my own advice. I got distracted (and hungry) at Costco and bought a few things that I wish I looked closer at before buying the Costco-sized packages.

I read through all of the ingredients – no wheat, barley or rye. Nothing to really be suspicious of at all – into the cart! I bought a few different kinds of snacks, and as I unpacked the groceries at home a few of them needed to be sampled. Not too long later my gut started to hurt. Suspicious, I read the packages again. “Made in a facility that also manufactures…” “May contain…”

Really? Is that enough for me? Am I THAT sensitive? My husband has a nut allergy and has always been fine with “May contain.” Perhaps he’s a cup half full kind of guy. May contain means most likely does not contain. So I thought I’d be safe. But within minutes my stomach started to ache and I felt awful all night and exhausted all morning. I ate very well today though, no prepackaged foods at all, and started to feel better by the afternoon. I know I’m just figuring this out, but it’s starting to become pretty obvious when I’ve been “glutened.” Unfortunately, I snacked on too many different things at the same time so I can’t quite narrow it down. The one thing I thought it was says “gluten free” on the website, so there goes that theory…

But here’s a question for any other celiacs out there reading – is a product really “gluten-free” if it is “Made in a facility that also manufactures…”?

How do I know which products are safe?


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