RECIPE: Corn Tortillas

stackOk. I’m finally starting to miss bread. And pasta. But that’s probably because I’m finally getting my appetite back after weeks of being sick and unable to eat. Since being diagnosed with celiac disease a lot of people have been very supportive and providing lots of advice. My co-worker recommended buying a tortilla press and making corn or chickpea flour tortillas. Best advice so far!

This is one of the easiest things I have ever made. Even my husband got in on the action, taking over the tortilla press and helping me knock out a double batch in no time. And even better, it’s only 3 ingredients. All of the corn tortillas I’ve seen in the stores are filled with tons of weird ingredients to prevent them from going bad while on store shelves. Not these – these are amazing fresh off the pan, but can also be frozen and saved for later (so I’ve been told – I’ll let you know how they defrost! *Update March 3: Although definitely best straight from the pan, the defrosted ones were fine re-heated as a breakfast taco. They end up a bit dense and dry once defrosted, so are fine for something quick and on the go, but fresh is definitely the way to go!*)

Corn Tortillaspress

2 cups masa harina/maseca
1.5-2 cups tepid water
dash of salt

Mix ingredients together in a bowl, adding water slowly until the dough comes together. It should be the texture of play-dough. Kneed together for a few minutes. Let rest for 20 minutes. Form dough into a ball and press down into a circle then cut into 8 equal pieces and roll into balls.

Line the tortilla press with parchment paper/plastic wrap/ziploc bag and press the balls of dough. Turn the tortilla in the press a few times to make sure it’s even.

take a biteHeat a pan, or two, and make sure they’re nice and hot. Add the tortillas to the pan and cook for about 2 minutes per side, until it turns a toasty brown.

Eat directly out of the pan.

Or, if you have more restraint than I do, serve as beef & black bean tacos (like we eventually did), fish tacos, quesadillas, dip in quacamole, or save the leftovers for breakfast the next day and have breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs and salsa (like we eventually did). These will certainly become a staple in my new celiac life.


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